Underscore our commitment to our common purpose.

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Through a community effort, we will nurture the development of good people who will strive to make the world a better place.

Continue to educate all constituents on the value and importance of our community in developing good people

Through thoughtful consideration and feedback, it is evident that the extended school community continues to support and embrace TCS’s mission of developing habits of the heart and mind for a life of purpose and service. Not only has the mission statement stood true over the past decade, the prioritization of the development of good people has never resonated more nor been as vital to the future of the planet.

We understand and celebrate that it is through the past and future efforts of our collective community that we achieve our mission. It is the shared values and connectedness of the TCS learning community that support the development of good people who do good things.

The TCS experience is unique and perhaps best articulated as a TCS Signature Journey. We have identified that it is through our shared experiences of a strong core program and a formative set of non-negotiable expectations within the TCS community that we anchor the TCS experience. All the while, through our wise counsel of caring and hard-working staff, we are empowering each of our students to pursue a unique path, propelled by personal interests, aptitudes and passions. Students begin to uncover key realizations about themselves, so, at the end of their TCS Signature Journey, they are well-prepared to forge ahead on the path that lies before them: to embrace opportunities at university, to find their footing in the workplace and, ultimately, to build meaningful and satisfyingly good lives.

We will further educate our extended community about the TCS Signature Journey as illustrated through the sharing of TCS history and the personal journeys of TCS students past and current. We will weave the School’s mission into daily life at TCS by profiling, for example, community members who live the mission. In this way, it will be emphasized and understood by all our audiences throughout their association with the School, from a prospective family, to a current family, to an alumni family.

Prompt the extended engagement of all community members in the development of good people

Looking within and beyond the School’s Centennial Gates, the School will engage all community members, asking them to join us in celebrating our meaningful mission, and inviting them to collaborate with us in instilling good habits in our students.

Working closely with parents, we will help ensure that our young people are receiving consistent messaging from the adults in our community to help guide their path. We will increase contact with alumni to further build community and maintain a lifetime connection to the TCS mission. We will further celebrate and engage parents, alumni and friends of the School in initiatives such as our networking program and career showcase, as these constituents live TCS’s mission and can effectively model purposeful lives for our students.

TCS will recognize and support the critical role all employees play in the development of good people by working to ensure a healthy, caring approach to dealing with workload, wellness and remuneration, and finding ways of recognizing employees and their contributions to our community. We will work to maintain a sense of community that has employees connecting with the TCS mission and contributing to the TCS story in their own unique ways. Employees will be given the tools necessary to support the School’s mission, make decisions in support of the mission and share a common sense of purpose, by providing expectations as guided by best practices and relevant job descriptions; offering professional development opportunities for all; and onboarding new employees so they are effectively introduced to our community.

Importantly, we will ask our students to commit to a values-based life; demonstrate daily gratitude for the opportunity provided as a member of this community; make efforts to care for the natural world around them; and contribute to their broader community through service learning initiatives with an aim of making the planet a better place.