Invest in the future of Trinity College School.

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Continuously work to make TCS more affordable to more people.

Assess and consider key factors that impact the affordability of a TCS education

With a goal to make TCS more affordable to more families, we must look to effectively manage the rate of tuition increases while ensuring our financial assistance budget keeps pace with any rise in fees. While our community’s generosity has allowed for the doubling of TCS’s endowment in recent years, it will be imperative that we continue to grow the capacity of the School’s endowment to cover more of the financial assistance budget. We will also consider alternate pricing models in relation to a TCS education.

Increase clarity around the financial commitment and supports available to mission-appropriate students

Through the consolidation of fees and enhanced communication tools we will more clearly outline both the financial commitment of attending TCS and the financial assistance program available to families. Offering a financial handbook and a tool to help calculate actual financial commitment, for instance, will help enable families who are considering TCS to plan for their child’s education in a fully informed way. 

Launch a fundraising campaign for the endowment

We are looking to build on the incredible accomplishments our collective community achieved through the 150th anniversary fundraising campaign that saw the School’s endowment increase from $22 million to $53 million. The endowment has since grown and currently sits at $59 million. The size of a school’s endowment is critical to not only the sustainability of the institution but also, most importantly, the endowment directly funds the School’s financial assistance program which opens the TCS experience up to more deserving young people every year.

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Commit to infrastructure improvements to attract and sustain mission-appropriate staff and students.

Launch a fundraising campaign in support of infrastructure improvements

Over the past decade, the core of our campus facilities has undergone significant structural change with the addition of facilities such as the Arnold Massey ’55 Athletic Centre, Cirne Hall and the visual arts wing. And while these enhancements have undeniably enhanced the living and learning environment for both students and staff alike, our community is now welcoming a phase of limited facility construction.

Over the next six years we will focus on refreshing and renewing some of the School’s older boarding, teaching and common spaces. As the TCS Renaissance Plan (launched in 2018) identified, some of our older facilities, which date back as far as the 1930s, have started to show the tests of time. As the caretakers for future generations of TCS students, it is our responsibility to look after our facilities to ensure their sustainability, renovating in a manner which reduces the School’s environmental footprint.

It is also vital that our buildings are a true reflection of the outstanding programs that are offered within and that we are future-focused with our building plans in order to continue to attract prospective families.

In support of this goal, we will launch a fundraising campaign in support of infrastructure improvements and the endowment.

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Ensure all programming and operational initiatives are tied to our mission and fiscally sustainable.

Audit and assess all current programs and operational initiatives to ensure long-term sustainability

We will capture an overview of Trinity College School’s current program and initiatives. With a view to continue offering a wide breadth of programming we must also ensure all initiatives are both reflective of the School’s overall goals and are fiscally responsible. By effectively mapping out all initiatives, from academic to co-curricular and operational to residential, we will create a tool from which to measure newly proposed initiatives to ensure they are mission-driven and sustainable.