As a values-based community, meet the changing needs of our students in preparation for the future.

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Foster a healthy and productive learning community.

Nurture the academic and personal growth of students, prioritizing academic and social-emotional learning

Our caring, values-based community offers the ideal environment from which to learn and grow. Healthy and respectful relationships offered by a team of adults, guiding and supporting each and every student, leave the School well situated to focus on individual academic and social-emotional growth.

Guided by an informed understanding of child development, we look to support the growth and health of the whole person by ensuring our curriculum, learning skill development and student support services (academic, guidance and wellness) are aligned from Grades 5 through 12. Through this thoughtful developmental lens, we will implement instructional strategies that support motivation, competence and self-directed learning.

Among our commitments, to name a few: we will assess to ensure homework is purposeful, refine the daily schedule and yearly calendar within the context of balance and sustainable engagement, and evolve the concept of spiritual development.

Cultivate a positive and professional staff climate

A talented, committed and hard-working team of professionals, our educational and operational staff are second to none. With an eye to best serving the young people in our care and the families, alumni and friends that make up the broader school community, TCS employees care more and work harder.

With the focus keenly on our students, we also need to ensure that due consideration and recognition is extended to the adults who make this learning and living community such an incredible place. As such, we commit to creating and preserving more time for collaboration with peers; reviewing, refining and growing the understanding of roles and responsibilities; and identifying and celebrating the value of each of the adults in our community.

Promote empathy and respect within an inclusive and diverse environment

As a welcoming, inclusive community, we find our strength in celebrating diversity. We look to continue our commitment to expand our diverse composition while reevaluating our program, structure, curriculum and conversations to ensure they whole-heartedly reflect inclusivity as well as best support students new to our community. The opening of minds not only forms the foundation of a healthy and caring community, it ensures our students are best prepared to be a positive and contributing force in the global village that is their future. As such, we will, for example, consider our binary approach to student house assignments, develop strategies to hire and retain a diverse staff, and audit all school communications, assessing the use of inclusive language.

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Develop communication competencies in a complex world.

Use technology to support learning in an engaging, student-centered, conscientious environment

With a priority on digital citizenship and innovation, we will adopt models of digital literacy development that align with our community’s values and the responsible use of technology. Our students must develop critical thinking skills for a complex world of increased digital interaction, where the proliferation of information and knowledge demand thoughtful engagements, including respectful phone use and conversational skills. We will foster strategies that lessen the distraction of technology in our classrooms and wider community. Also, we will conscientiously consider the balance of technology and wellness for those at TCS.

A comprehensive technology plan, which spans Grades 5-12, will help guide our pedagogical decisions around the instruction of new and emerging technologies as preparation for the future. We will assess the School’s recent transition to the Google platform and explore the expansion of the platform in the Junior School. We will look to offer opportunities to expand students’ exposure to and competencies around a variety of technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain. For our faculty, we will implement compelling professional development opportunities on effective practices related to educational technology.

We will contemplate technology applications which may enhance effective operation of the School. This might include technology that leverages curriculum delivery and community building (e.g. the ability to more readily connect with international families during Parent-Teacher Meetings); further addresses our environmental sustainability efforts; and/or supports the School's efforts towards finding more balance in the lives of our students and staff.

Grow intercultural understanding and confidences

As a boarding community that welcomes students from more than 30 different countries annually, we are perfectly poised to develop an intercultural competency in our students. We are committed to further “internationalizing” our curriculum and learning environment by maximizing the opportunity presented by this diverse student body.

When considering our students, we will review the School’s current offering of international learning opportunities. For our staff, we will identify professional development that underscores the value of culture flexibility as it relates to the understanding of multiculturalism, multilingualism, cultural characteristics, cultural transition issues and curriculum as a whole.

Model and encourage social responsibility and understanding of ethics

To graduate students who are well-prepared and self-directed we will continue to prioritize student leadership education and implement opportunities for financial literacy development.

With a systems thinking mindset, we will work to create connections between personal values, community values and civic responsibility. Recognizing the ethical obligation and impact we have on one another, and on the greater world, we will develop a comprehensive sustainability curriculum and embed principles of Truth & Reconciliation into our learning community.